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"The water is an important point!"

The idea behind AKTIVSTALL Trittauis to take into account as far as possible the horse`s nature. For example, the animals must move around a lot every day to reach their food, as they do in the wild.Daily grazing, in summer and winter, is a matter of course.The necessary amount of food is calculated for each horse. By means of a transponder, the feeding machine recognises which horse it is and which food it gets.

The water is also an important point.Through the use of POLAGREEN, the well wateris converted into water that has virtually the quality of spring water. The horses are livelier and more motivatedand their performance is enhanced due to their stimulated metabolism and strengthened immune system.

For the stable, appropriate treatment of the horse includes showing respect to it as a partner.Great importance is therefore attached to ensuring that unnecessary pain is avoided when a horse is being ridden.

The Jepsen family hasmade a dream come true with the establishment ofthe Aktivstall. Originally they bought the land to lead an enjoyable life with their animals. The idea of creating the Aktivstallgrew gradually over time. Tothe satisfaction of the horses, which are the focus of attention.


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“We have been using POLAGREEN for almost 2 years. I admit ...we were rather sceptical to begin with.But we had heardfrom another stable that it worked. And wecanconfirm it! Our animals,including some GRAND PRIX horses, aremore alert and motivatedand the improved water quality has had a positive effect on the animals’ digestion.The horses give a very satisfied impression. “

Olaf Jepsen, Director AKTIVSTALL Trittau


In the stable and at home

“We have been using POLAGREEN for 2 years in a stable partnership for our Iceland ponies. The result is impressive. We really have the impression that the animals find the water tastes better. Their coats definitely look better and their performance has improved – which is very important forthe horses which we also use in competitions. We also use POLAGREEN at home.You could say we have become real POLAGREEN fans.”

J.Puhle, recreational and competition rider



Less summer eczema

“We have been using POLAGREEN formany years for our horses. The equipment can be very easily installedand the results are convincing. Our horses drink more and they are more active and have enhanced their performance. The thicker coat, the skin  …the horses seem more motivated and lively since we started using POLAGREEN. Another positive effect is that the summer eczemawhich one horse suffered from has receded.“

B. Oestert-Klinzmann


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